Selection Method

 Confirm output power and output voltage

Make sure the power budget of the entire system has sufficient safe margin in case of a power surge or peak load that might occur during operation. The output voltage is determined by loads. Please make sure output voltage being supplied to loads are within the voltage range.

  Confirm the input voltage and needs single or three-phase electrical power

Make sure the range of input voltage that power system requires, and either single or three –phase electrical power is in need.
  Determine the preferred input and output connection interface
Preferred input and output connection interface is Terminal block, AC Receptacle, Connector or else.

  Determine power management is needed or not

For sophisticated or complex systems built recently, the capability to monitor and/or control over power system is often a necessary feature that saves administrator considerable efforts, time and money.

  Choose instrument rack/cabinet

To save the end customer time and efforts to accommodate and install power system, we offer a package of power system plus 19” EIA instrument rack/cabinet as complete system power solutions.

 Determine the preferred cooling method (Conduction/ Water -cooling product under development)

In addition to conventional fan cooling, a power system with conduction cooling or water-cooling can be options of cooling methods in the future to address the requirement of particular industrial applications that NO fan can be employed in the system.

 Contact MEAN WELL sales or distributors

After following Steps 1~6 to find the solution recommended by us, if you are still not sure whether or not it is a suitable power solution to use, please feel free to contact MEAN WELL salespersons or distributors through Sales Inquiry function or Contact Us at the bottom right corner of the webpage.